Dr. Lancer skin care products used by Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Ellen and Me!

Dr. Lancer skin care products used by Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Ellen and Me!

Have YOU ever seen an actual skin doctor?

You know- the doctor called a dermatologist.

Or do you rely on informercials and what your friends tell you what works for them?

Well let me be that friend to give you advice and that has actually gone to the dermatologist.  I am not referring to just any dermatologist but the one that Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres and other celebrities trust with their face and skincare needs: Dr. Harold Lancer.

I was a devoted “The Oprah Winfrey Show” watcher for the show’s last few years and saw Dr. Harold Lancer in 2011 on one show, about health, fitness and aging well (see here). Dr. Lancer took care of the skincare health and anti-aging portion of the show, which he advised to all a three basic skincare regimen he developed into his own skincare line: Polish: Polishing removes the debris, Cleanser: Wash off what was lifted by the polish, Nourish: Add nutrients to your skin, which will improve its antioxidant and protein levels.

When I had my appointment in his office, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, it was my first ever dermatology appointment. After seeing Dr. Lancer on The Oprah Winfrey Show and then on an episode of the Keeping up with the Kardashains, I figured maybe this guy knows what he’s doing. I had no planned regimen at that time. I was washing my face twice a day with a new type of natural milk cleanser I thought was good, scrubbing with the drug store apricot scrub and, taking a tip from my mom, moisturizing with cocoa butter at night and a cream during the day. Oh and of course using Sunscreen SPF 100 daily.  I began seeing the dark spots on my face and the fine lines on my forehead even more noticeable. Soon after I made my appointment with Dr. Lancer and would discover the magic of the Lancer Rx method.

Before my appointment, I was advised to purchase  and use the three Lancer products, (Polish, Cleanse and Nourish) so that he could see how my skin improved with just these for a few weeks and it did! Just a few days later I was amazed how my skin felt. Then about two weeks later my skin not only felt smoother and cleaner, it looked shinier and healthier. After you use the Polish, that helps take away the top debris layer of the skin, you literally look like your skin got a car wax- but for the face. In the appointment, Dr. Lancer was friendly, informative, personable and had good sense of humor. He prescribed some extra products to reverse some of my skin issues, like dark skin spots from sun damage, and off I was again to see the benefits in days! I received many compliments over the next few weeks about my skin. And the best thing for me was that the dark spots and fine lines did diminish. I am not always consistent but when I am- it works amazingly! If you can, try it!

It’s not the cheapest skincare line but think of all of the money wasted on other products that didn’t deliver. And think of the image you see in the mirror everyday…your face. Your skin and face are worth it!

You can order the products online on Dr. Lancer’s website (http://www.lancerdermatology.com ), in his office (his staff are all nice) and recently I just realized through Nordstrom. You can also order the cleanser at Amazon.

Lancer Dermatology Nourish (left) and Polish (right) This picture is of special sizing and packaging, ask for special pricing.


Lancer Dermatology products, *current prices:

Nourish: $125

Polish: $75

Cleanser: $55

Sunscreen: $48


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