West Third Brand’s Fragrance in “Fleur en Fleur”

West Third Brand’s Fragrance in “Fleur en Fleur”

west third brand tonic

Spray happily once, twice or as you wish with West Third Brand’s Tonic in “Fleur en Fleur.”

While visiting Anthropologie’s store in Santa Monica I found this really rich floral and crisp smelling Eau de Toilette by West Third Brand called “Fleur en Fleur.”  To my surprise I liked it. (I generally never buy Eau de Toilette because I am not a fan of a the lesser perfume content. With an eau de toilette I tend to use up my perfume so quickly, due to reapplying several times a day). BUT I did! And with a price point of only $30.00 …what’s a girl to do?!

So I happily purchased it, sprayed myself heavily while on the walk back to my car … (Hey it’s only $30 for the bottle) and took this pretty scent home with pride. I was so happy I found a scent that could add to my collection. And one that I will never think twice about using it up too fast. I spray happily once, twice or as many times a day as I want.

The Smell:

The West Third brand website describes the scent as: “Bursting with gardenias and orange blossoms deeply layered with tuberose, jasmine, lily, rose, with hints of melon and wild musk” 

I describe it as:  feminine, crisply fresh and deeply floral

 Find it here at Anthoropologie

Or Find it here on the West Third Brand website



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